First Look at the Design Map GUI

This is just a quick screen capture to show what the interface (or Graphical User Interface, or GUI) is for the Design Map Module of General Staff. Simply click on the pallet on the left and draw on the map. You can also select from a number of weathered paper effects for a background.

Screen capture of the General Staff Map Design Module (click to enlarge).

2 thoughts on “First Look at the Design Map GUI

  1. Trygve Smidt

    Will there be any graphical and/or audio representtion of combat which would be within LOS and hearing range of the commander?

    1. EzraSidran Post author

      That’s a good question. Currently there is a graphical representation (pulsing arrows). Do you think there should be more? The reason that I ask is that I found audio (musketry fire, canons, calling men, trumpets, etc.) to get pretty repetitious after the first few times. But, if users want it, I’ll add it.

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