Victorian Typography

Last week we ran a quick survey to get your opinion on the legibility of two Victorian typefaces (see here). The clear favorite was the font ‘Monastic’ garnering 73% of the votes. However, we also received numerous personal emails and comments from grognards that were also very fond of the Phectic font. The decision was made to go with Monastic but to use Phectic in a larger point size when appropriate.

Below is a screen shot of how we will be using Phectic:

Screen shot of the Unit Types information display. The ornate Victorian font at the top is Phectic.

Your comments were greatly appreciated (it was especially enjoyable to hear from a letterpress operator who fondly remembered metal type). The interactive Army Design Module is almost completed and we will be posting a video of it shortly.

2 thoughts on “Victorian Typography

  1. Eduardo Visconte

    Congratulation Dr Sidran of creating a very intelligent and elegant approach to this system.
    At present I’m trying to catch up to all the posts on the Kriegspiel site regarding General Staff.
    I prefer (general staff) approach to that of 3D models, as they require special PC specifications
    to play, and often several key elements of simulation get forgotten in the spirit of compromise.
    Waiting for your Kickstarter campaign.

    Very impressed with the work.
    Thank You


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