26 thoughts on “Recruiting Beta Testers!

  1. Greg Pitts

    I would love to help test your product. I have been in Wargaming for over a half century, played many games & computer/video games. Having designed rules for miniature games myself I know the amount of time & effort that goes into making a product and I feel my experience in the industry would add value to your product.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  2. Randy Bailey

    As long time board and computer wargamer with a degree in Military History, I would love to beta test your game

  3. Jean-Charles

    I’m very much interested in your game and would like to join the beta testers team, if still possible.
    I appreciate your blog and the effort you’ve put into this.
    Thank you.


  4. Andrew Kluck

    The map editor and Force creator appear to work just fine. However, I was wondering what the ‘Kriegsspiel Strength’ indicates?

  5. Bob De Angelis

    If you are still looking for testers I would be very interested. I am a veteran wargamer.. Gaming since the late 50’s I have experience as a user in Vassal and a gamebox designer in Cyberboard. I would love to see what you are offering and test it’s possibilities.


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