First Look at the General Staff Scenario Editor

The General Staff Scenario Design module allows users to create new battle scenarios by combining any two armies created in the General Staff Army Design module with any map created in the General Staff Map Design module. 

This screen shot of the General Staff Scenario Editor shows how victory conditions are established for a scenario. Click to enlarge.

The General Staff Wargaming System allows users to create armies, maps and battles from the Age of Gunpowder. These can be historical recreations or completely new ‘what if’ scenarios.

One thought on “First Look at the General Staff Scenario Editor

  1. General Legrande

    Suggestions for battles: Battle of Isandlawana and Rouke’s Drift (British/Zulu 1872 I think

    Fort Apache 🙂 John Wayne and Henry Fonda movie battle

    The Alamo; Texas Independence Battle

    San Jacinto: Texas Independence Battle

    Verdun/Somme World War I battles

    D-Day Omaha and Utah and Sword beach battles

    Battle of the Bulge WWII battle

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