The Kickstarter campaign is over and we’re still in shock. Wow! I can’t thank you, the backers, enough! Literally, I couldn’t have done it without you. General Staff was 325% funded which is a wonderful vote of confidence. Again, thank you very much.

So, what’s going to happen next?

We’re going to write a one-click installation package for the Army Editor and the Scenario Editor.

We’re going to make a major change in the Map Editor so it will run on lower resolution (usually older laptops) monitors. And then write an installation package for it, too.

We are going to have to make some changes to the various data files, too. Once this is done we’ll send out an email with the URL to start downloading and installing these three utility programs.

I have to order a whole lot of coffee mugs printed with the logo and a couple of great 19th century Kriegsspiel engravings.

And then we have to mail out a whole lot of coffee mugs.

I anticipate that those who are interested can start beta testing the utility programs (Army Editor, Map Editor and Scenario Editor) in February. With any luck beta testing the actual General Staff game will begin in March.

Again, thank you so very much,

– Ezra


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